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Certified Natural Health Professionals offers several seminars on a weekly basis throughout the United States. Seminars are typically two-day events (Saturday - Sunday) and each one is led by a qualified instructor who will guide students from to start to finish on a certain topic so that they may immediately begin utilizing this new information.

There are two primary categories of CNHP seminars. Our Certification Seminars provide a foundational knowledge of natural health information and concepts. There are five Certification Seminars and they are all required for a student to receive a Certified Natural Health Professional designation. Our Capstone Seminars are designed to be more advanced and to build upon the knowledge gained in the Certification Seminars. In addition to these two categories, CNHP also offers several Distance Learning Capstone Seminars which allow students to experience a CNHP seminar from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

All seminars are available to every student; however, a basic understanding of natural health—as is found in the Certification Seminars—is recommended.

Use the tabs and links below to explore all of the seminars available through CNHP and to learn more about each one—including overviews, pricing and scheduled dates/locations.

Certification Seminars

CNHP has several key areas we believe to be the foundation of all other natural health information and concepts. These five seminars are the basis of our certification, and the information in these seminars provides the student with the hands-on application of various theories and techniques used by natural health practitioners. Additional modalities such as homeopathy or aromatherapy can be better understood once the student masters these elements of good health.

Students can achieve their CNHP certification in eight days by attending this intensive course of study that presents all five Certification Seminars back-to-back.

Capstone Seminars
Distance Learning Capstone Seminars