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Certified Natural Health Professionals is very excited about the merge with Trinity School of Natural Health. Please call us at 1-800-428-0408 to better understand this transition and for more information about receiving your CNHP Certification.

Certification Seminars

CNHP has several key areas we believe to be the foundation of all other natural health information and concepts. These twenty nine seminars are the basis of our certification, and the information in these seminars provides the student with the hands-on application of various theories and techniques used by natural health practitioners. Additional modalities such as homeopathy or aromatherapy can be better understood once the student masters these elements of good health.

Students can achieve their CNHP certification in eight days by attending this intensive course of study that presents all twenty nine Certification Seminars back-to-back.

Capstone Seminars
Distance Learning Capstone Seminars