Dried Blood Cell Analysis

Dried blood cell analysis is a technique that allows the practitioner to glimpse activity in the body by looking through a microscope at eight small drops of blood. By examining the drying patterns of the blood, the practitioner gains information on potential problems in the body. Each sample of blood will dry differently, and each formation is indicative of a different health-related issue.

Because blood regenerates every 120 days, dried blood cell analysis can be used to assess a very recent state of the body. As we know, blood carries most of the bodyís history so, by examining the body on a cellular level (through the blood patterns), we are able to look at tissue damage caused by a variety of health conditions.

This technique does not require a strong scientific background, nor does it require that the practitioner go to great expense before putting the knowledge to use. Itís important that both client and practitioner recognize that dried blood cell analysis is a tool to help gather information, but not for the purpose of diagnosing any disease or disorder. It is simply an additional, very powerful modality that natural health practitioners can use to benefit their clients.

Upon Successful Completion of this Seminar, the Student will:
• Recognize patterns of dried blood
• Understand the significance of the blood patterns
• Be able to interpret blood patterns as they relate to other information gathered from the client
• Learn how each formation relates to various body systems
• Have experience using a microscope to observe the collected blood drops

• History and future of dried blood cell analysis
• Relationship and integration with other modalities
• Discussion of cause and effect
• Slides of actual blood drop patterns
• Hands-on practice with microscopes



Nursing Contact Hours
Approved for 12 hours of Continuing Education for nurses.


Early Registration: $200
Standard Registration: $250

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